That Damn Culprit, William Burroughs.
Animator, Designer & Sound Artist from Canterbury, Kent.

Consistantly adaptable.

This site was built to collate all the on-going and off-going projects that i’ve worked on up until this date. It’s always been hard to explain to people what i do, there’s too much work and too wide a variety. I encourage you to take a plunge into my fractured world of nonsense and challenge you to make sense of it all. 

The secondary goal for this site is to re-envoke that good ol’ 2000’s website feel, D.I.Y web design and broken weblinks a plenty. I aim to have the site constantly evolving, gaining new pages and actvities as we go down the road.

My poster design reference blog is still up and running, this year it’s hit the 10th year running. Check it: DGP (

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