Rural Britain Calendar Archival Foundation Project

On the 17th of March in the year 2020, William Burroughs visited the westwood cross branch of Tesco Extra in a bout of curiosity towards the wave of consumer panic buying at the time.

The world was coming to an end, lock-down’s were the new hot thing and toilet paper was supposedly running low.

In an act of protest, William Burroughs entered the raided Tesco Extra with the goal of buying the most useless and affordable thing that he could find. For a total of thirteen english pence, that fabled MacGuffin was procured. Enter, the Rural Britain Calendar.

Since that fateful event, Trash Mammoth have been using the calender as a means for terrible marketing and documenting people that they meet. This on-going marketing campaign has been an abhorrent success.

Max Lamdin is William’s cousin, the two ofen go on photography walks - this is the only known photo of the calender taken on a medium format camera.

Kamila approached William at a live music event and exclaimed that she recognised him but could not think where from. She then proclaimed “you’re the Calendar Man”, it turned out that Kamila had been a follower of Trash Mammoth purely for Calendar content without any interest in the band it was advertising.

In the marketing industry, this is what they would call “Un-successful Marketing”.

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