TRASH TRAXX was originally created as an endevour to get musicians making experimental music, via ficitious band names and heavy improvisation. The aim was to enable local musicians to play with their musical approach without having to worry about it impacting their main acts reputation.

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TRASH TRAXX playlist:

After the initial Trash Mammoth proof of concept with “We’ll set your world on fire”, the gang would go on to create a miriad of acts and experimental tracks.

Other that Ben Lewis & John Smiths Advertising Agency, the project was unable to get any local acts involved.

List of Acts that contributed to TRASH TRAXX:

Trash Mammoth

Ben Lewis

Menopausal Soul

Harmless Funn

Hey Zeus


Limerance Lament

Negatice Feedback

Synonym Repent

Funky Mike

The Men of West Virigina

John Smiths Advertising Agency


The Weather Man


The Sprinkle Boys

Round Glasses and Floral Shirts

One of the hardest pushes for TRASH TRAXX was TRASH TRAXX BEACH WEEK “Life’s a beach you son of a beach” which had a full 5 days of music by the act Round Glasses and Floral Shirts, who even made a live debut at the first official TRASHFEST.

People weren’t too interested in taking part so it was turned into a D.I.Y label for Trash Mammoth exports. TRASH TRAXX has also played host to collaborative projects like the Trashfest compilations and “A Town Called Quarantino” which was used to raise funds for a local food bank during COVID.

is currently only used as a means for Trash Mammoth distribution.

TRASH TRAXX may return in its true form some day, but that’s up to you.


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